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Team dynamics

Emerging & evolving leaders

Key performance essentials

Nutrition & hydration

Team Dynamics

Encouragement, assistance, advice and support are the lifeblood of any team or family.  If these factors are present the team is a cohesive entity.
Without them it is a collection of individuals doing their own thing, a thing which rarely culminates in a successful culture within an organisation or team.

A selection of our topics to assist your team development include:


Creating team culture takes a team effort.  Culture is club, committee, coach, team & player driven.

•    Creating team culture - Everyone has input
•    Working for each other - Discipline for a greater gain
•    Know your role + advantages of playing more than one position
•    Team involvement - “Don’t let go of the rope”


“Discipline is wanting something badly enough to go to extremes to get it”.

•    Team branding
•    Team identification & core traits
•    Key words & actions
•    Habits - Apply & achieve


Success - Activities that continuously improve all functions and involve all people within the club.

•    Crossroads - What one thing will you change & avoiding diminishing results
•    Do your job for the team
•    Selecting the best team players - Ferguson
•    We’re not playing them - They’re playing us


“Maturity is the willingness to temporarily delay pleasure for a future gain”.

•    Preparation timeline - Through the week
•    Pre-game preparation - Own time, Coach time, Team time.
•    Match - Goal setting V Peaks & troughs
•    Extra work + one percenters.1%

Emerging & evolving leaders

Leadership is always an on-going process. Teams change, coaches change, players come & go. Therefore our ‘Emerging & Evolving Leaders’ program takes your team through a series of identified traits of leadership. Leaders must reflect the team principles, game plan, coaches’ instructions and be able to think on the move in games, at training & even away from the club. This can involve being mentored as well as mentoring others. Focusing on setting standards, communication, decisions under pressure, overcoming challenges, positive re-enforcement, encouragement, providing feedback & attitude form the pillars of the leadership sessions.

A selection of our topics to assist your team development include:


Looking at where we are headed, planning actions & habits to get there.

•    Leadership steps - Process defined & applied
•    Elite standards - Mindset & approach
•    Identifying team + Individual strengths & deficiencies - The foundations we build on
•    Focus & strength bricks - Find 3 things - Training & playing with purpose


Am I preparing correctly & assisting my teammates.

•    The success formula - Focus & process
•    Training performance factors - Physical, Mental, Nutritional
•    4 key areas for performance & accountability
•    Preparation - Training - Performance - Recovery


How we act & react to challenges will determine the outcome for self & team.

•    Standards above mediocrity - How you prepare dictates how you perform
•    Non acceptance of below par efforts - Simple tactics to use at training
•    Obstacles & opportunities - Every game gives us something to work with
•    Teamwork & mentoring - Development involves everyone


Who will recognise hotspots and provide the spark?

•    Positive body language is infectious - Awareness & responses
•    Communication & responsibilities - Positional traits
•    KPI’s - Reactions under pressure - Be the first
•    Delivering the message - Be the eyes for your teammates

Key performance essentials

“I am an elite athlete & I prepare accordingly - My input can make a difference to the team

I will apply myself at every training session - Sacrifice for a common team goal is in my playing traits

We do extra work because we want to succeed”

A selection of our topics to assist your team development include:

COACHES TOOLBOX - Coach 2 coach program.

 The culture of coaching, what you give out is what you get back.

•    Pre-match timing & key messages
•    Focus areas at the breaks - Negatives + positives
•    The training week - Variety - Physical & mental preparation, player meetings, selection
•    Game plan application - Thinking on the spot & under pressure. Planning, tactics & flexibility.


Being prepared for any situation, challenges, conditions that are within our control.

•    Anywhere - Anytime
•    Controlling adrenalin
•    Identifying our Strengths & deficiencies
•    Decision making - How we train is how we play (A, B, C)


It costs nothing to contribute verbally & provide positive body language.

•    On-field communication & synergy
•    The right message at the right time
•    Skill execution - The 90/10 factor
•    KPI’s - On field triggers & performance recognition


“If we can measure it we can monitor it”. Having a ‘feel’ for the game.

•    Resilience & self belief
•    Circle of influence - Coaches, teammates, friends, family
•    Support structures - In & away from the club environment
•    Awareness - Gaining ascendency v diminishing results

Nutrition & Hydration

“Tell me what you eat & I will tell you what you are”.

Nutrition & hydration are critical components of a sportspersons overall preparation, performance & recovery process. Taking care and understanding the needs of your body will assist greatly with energy, performance, consistency & avoiding fatigue.

A selection of our topics to assist your team development include:


The effects of nutrition on your training & playing performance.

•    Eating for performance overview
•    Carbs - Protein - Fats. Functions - What, when, why
•    Weekly eating in season: Recovery - Training - Playing
•    Game day preparation & eating - Maximising energy & performance output


The right foods at the right time will make a big impact.
•    What healthy daily eating looks like
•    Identifying Meal timing
•    Eating prior to training
•    Eating for recovery


Often overlooked. At 2% dehydration decision making & skills are eroded.

•    Your individual hydration rates & easy calculations
•    Sports drinks V Energy drinks
•    Dangers of Energy drinks
•    Post training & playing fuel


A little education goes such a long way. How to prepare & eat for your individual needs.

•    Sports self audit - Why keeping a food & energy diary is important
•    Healthy Snacks v junk food - Consequences
•    Off season eating - Depending on goals & plans
•    Supplements - What, when & why.